Defender29 Questions

Q: Do I need to clean the copper? If so, how frequently?

A: Cleaning the copper is recommended with a mild detergent making sure that moisture does not build up on the surface causing oxidation. This will help to keep the copper on the top surface fighting germs. It also helps to prevent the buildup of dirt and oils that could create a barrier on the top surface of the copper. Cleaning should occur as often as the surface is typically cleaned without the copper.

Q: Are there any surfaces copper should not be incorporated into?

A: Copper is meant to be incorporated into metal surfaces only. It should not be used on surfaces with paint or other fabrics/textures, as it may remove paint or other materials upon the copper's removal. 

Q: What makes this copper kit better than others?

A: It is BTI made! Other copper surface covers do not have copper on the touch surface but buried beneath plastic. This does not allow the copper to effectively attack microbials.

Q: How do I order only one size of the copper sheets?

A: Our copper sheets come in kits with typical sizes available. We will have more options coming soon.

Q: How often do I need to replace the copper/ how long does it last?

A: The copper covering should be replaced monthly or when the copper layer wears.

Q: Can the copper sheet be removed if needed?

A: The substrate is designed to be removable from metal surfaces.


HeatWave Questions

Q: How do I custom order heater prototypes?

A: You can contact our Sales Team with your required specifications and they will assist you in custom ordering your heater prototypes. They can be reached by email at: info@butlertechnologies.com

Q: What is the hottest temperature that the printed heater can reach?

A: This depends on the type of heater you're inquiring about. For PTC heaters, their highest operating temperature is 60-65°C. For Fixed Resistive heaters, they can operate up to 80°C.

Q: How long does it take for the heaters to reach their highest operating temperature?

A: You can feel the heat within 5 seconds of turning the heater on, and it will reach operating temperatures within 45 seconds. 

Q: Can the printed heaters be washed after attaching them to the garment?

A: The printed heaters are washable, and can generally withstand up to 25 washes on gentle cycle, air dry. 

Q: Are the printed heaters meant for consumer use?

A: The printed heaters are meant for developmental purposes only. 

Q: How do the printed heaters guarantee no risk of overheating?

A: The printer is designed to shut off at a predetermined temperature. This is considered a “self-limiting” heater and without the need for external diagnostics or controls.

Q: Are the printed heaters safe for making direct contact with skin?

A: Because the printed heaters operate at relatively high temperatures, they should not come into direct contact with your body's skin. There should always be a layer of clothing in-between you and the heater at all times.